TradeKing Media

RealTime Social Collaborative Platform

Create, View, and Share RealTime Market Insights

Features for Traders

  • Share actionable trade insights
  • RealTime streaming charts
  • Mood and social sentiment analysis
  • Fully customizable workspaces

Features for Trading Companies

  • White label solutions for customization
  • Marketing and e-commerce solutions
  • Social tools incease user engagement
  • Create a RealTime trading community
TraderOS : Create Charts


Simply create trade ideas using RealTime social collaborative tools
TraderOS : View RealTime Charts


With one click you can view a live chart or annotated article posted by the community
TraderOS : Share Instantly


Easily share your ideas on various social networks or within the community
TraderOS : Collaborate in RealTime


Fast moving markets require simple, intuitive, and powerful tools